Theological-Political Treatise

Author: Baruch Spinoza ISBN: 9780872206076 Pages: 296 Description: ‎دوستانِ گرانقدر، پیش از بیان توضیحات در مورد این کتاب، لازم است که بگویم کتابهایی که در موردِ <اسپینوزا> در ایران چاپ میشود، سراسر تحریف است، لذا به آنها هیچ اعتمادی نیست‎عزیزانم، <اسپینوزا> کتابِ “رسالهٔ الهی-سیاسی” را در سالِ 1663 میلادی نوشت، امّا برایِ در امان ماندن […]

Three Quick Ways To Learn CBD Oil For Pain

Lemon essential oils are amazing for starting your day off right, because they’re generally utilised to relieve tension and decrease fatigue. Consistently taking the foundation recommended dose of CBD (we suggest drops, three times daily with superior cannabinoid, to get a total of tsp ) provides complete well-being to balance the nervous system, promote mental […]

Secrets, Snapdragons, and a Spirit

Author: Tina D.C. Hayes ISBN: 9781618071156 Pages: 220 Description: Some secrets were never meant to stay hidden, even one that spans four generations… Darci Shelton is compelled to help a woman reclaim her rightful name and possible inheritance, which means uncovering dark family secrets someone may have killed to keep hidden. She gets a letter […]

Russka: the Novel of Russia

Author: Edward Rutherfurd ISBN: 9780804109727 Pages: 945 Description: One of the richest historical tapestries written in the 20th century bringing Russian pre-revolutionary history to life like nothing since Tolstoy.I loved every minute of it and lived with the figures in the novel-wept ,rejoiced and feared for them.Saw the barbarism of the first settlements by nomadic […]